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T1000 5M - Racing Simulator

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With a T1000 5 motion, It's the ultimate simulator to get the most out of your games. Recommended for pilots or people wanting the best of simulation or simracer. We deliver worldwide.

More details

T1000 5 Motion new version with PRS 200 :

Dyadic /ProSimu PRS 200 comparaison

Actuators option


Stroke of the actuators 100, 150, 200mm ?

100mm minimum is necessary to feel the effects of the car and the road. (Below 50 mm, you feel only the car and not the effects of the road)


150mm if you play car games and you like big moves or if you also play aeronautics games.


200mm only for aeronautics games.




Help in choosing the simulator:

There are several types of simulator on the market, seat movers (2 cylinders at the back of the seat), simulators with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ... actuators or motors below or on the sides of the simulator .

In order to be simple, all simulators bring more immersion than just a joystick.

Dynamic simulators give you information on the behavior of the car, the inclination of the road. They allow you to feel the vehicle and the road. This is very important if you want to improve or just feel a new dimension.

At ProSimu, we decided to offer you the best sensations with our different simulators and keep in mind the quality and the price.

We sell hundreds of simulators around the world every year. We have upgraded our simulators at each production.


Why 2,3,4 ... .actuators?

The more actuators you have, the more you can simulate, transcribe the sensations of the road and the vehicle.


With a T1000 2 motion, you enter the world of simulation, it's perfect to start and take pleasure. It is suitable for all types of players.


With a T1000 3 motion, you add one more freedom axis and you can simulate the loss of grip of the rear axle (oversteer) or the mass transfer. If you like the rally or the propulsion car, it will be this type of simulator that you will need.

It's the best price / feelings compromise

With a T1000 4 motion, you have this sensation of suspended effect, you feel the 4 suspensions and you feel better bumps and jumps. To advise for future pilots or trainings.


With a T1000 5 motion, you combine the strengths of T1000 4 motion and oversteer (rear traction los). It's the ultimate simulator to get the most out of your games. Recommended for pilots or people wanting the best of simulation or simracer.


Help with the choice of actuators according to your simulator

At ProSimu, we use 2 types of actuators:

1) Dyadic brand cylinders that are recognized in the world of automotive and aerospace simulation.

They are largely sufficient for our T1000 2 and 3 motions.

The principle of T1000 2 and 3 motion is to use a pivot / balance that supports 90% of the weight of the simulator. We can use fast actuators with little weight to lift.

The choice of a 40kg actuator from Dyadic is sufficient for our T1000 2 and 3 motion simulators, because it keeps a good speed in most cases, which is not the case with 60kg.


2) ProSimu brand cylinders, the ProSimu PRS 200 which have computed (oversized) capacities for T1000 4 and 5 motion simulators as well as simulators from other brands.

For the T1000 4 and 5 motions simulators, we have to completely lift the simulator, the pilot and the peripherals, about 200 kg, and we also have to keep a speed and a proper acceleration to simulate the car and the road.

When the actuator must lift 200kg, they must still have a lot of power to take into account the kinetic energy stored during the movements.

Keep in mind that the kinetic energy is multiplied by 4 when the speed is multiplied by two.

That's why every ProSimu PRS 200 cylinder can lift 200kg, keeping its speed (280mm / s) and maximum acceleration (2G)!

We are the only ones currently producing these actuators with quality, price and specifications in mind.


Choice of the amplitude of the actuators:

100mm minimum is necessary to feel the effects of the car and the road. (Below 50 mm, you feel only the car and not the effects of the road)

150mm if you play car games and you like big moves or if you also play aeronautics games.

200mm only for aeronautics games.


The evolution of the simulator:

At ProSimu, you can upgrade your simulator as you go.

You can upgrade your T1000 2 motion to a T1000 3 motion.

You can go from a T1000 4 to a T1000 5 motion ....

You just have to be careful when you buy your first simulator: if your ultimate goal is to have a T1000 5 motion, you can start with a T1000 2 motion with 2 ProSimu PRS 200 actuators then take the option 3 motion and  finaly 2 additional actuators PRS 200 in order to obtain a T1000 5 Motion.

If your goal is to have a T1000 3 motion, you can buy a T1000 2 motion (2 Dyadic actuator 040) then later buy the option 3 actuator.



Review par ISRTV


We deliver worldwide, If you live outside Europe, we remove the French VAT of 20%. Sign up to know the shipping costs outside Europe and prices without tax.

Select ProSimu seat or without seat (below Add to cart).

ProSimu seat

ProSimu seat


Warning postage outside Europe can be raised with ProSimu seat, choose no seat in order to reduce shipping costs.

You also can contact a ProSimu dealer near you, see the map below:





Works only with PC


This simulator is composed of:

- T1000 5 motion : 5 very fast electric actuators (4x 2000 N  et 1x 200N)  4 PRS 200


4 Very fast and powerful electric cylinders of ProSimu PRS 200 brand for the 2 front and 2 rear actuators  (4x 2000N) and 1 very fast electric cylinder (1x 400 N) brand Dyadic for the rear traction loss actuator.


The 4 ProSimu PRS 200 actuator can have a travel of 100, 150 or 200mm.


This will specification for our new ProSimu actuators  PRS 200 :

Max speed: 280mm/s

Max acceleration : 2G

Max stroke: 100mm

Max weight per actuator : 193kg at 280mm/s speed and 2G !

Motor brushless of 750watts

- Cables (power, USB, control)

- Signal Converter

- Plastic housing

- Steel frame,

- OMP Seat or ProSimu or Without seat

- Bolts

- Screw,

- Very resistant paint (paint powder heated to 200 ° C on the structure)


Made with square steel tube, ultra-precise laser cutting, allows for maximum rigidity. This simulator could be dynamics with actuators in option.



- Design and French manufacture.

- 2 fast and reliable electric actuators

- Design smart, elegant, rigid.

- Compatible with many accesories and devices: T500, T300, G27,25, Fanatec ...... support lever speed and brake.

- Ergonomics

- Support innovative steering wheel adjustable for height, tilt and depth

- Adjustable pedal brake in depth and inclination, 4 hanging points, moving the pedal to the left and right.

- bucket seat adjustable in height and angle.

 Réglage inclinaison support siège

Potence volant réglages possible.


 Support volant réglages possible.


Support pédalier réglages possible.


Support pédalier réglages possible 2


Support pédalier réglages possible 3


Réglage en largeur support siège


The simulator management software is very simple to use, in 2 clicks you can play your favorite PC games following


Cars Racing Simulations

Assetto Corsa
Burnout Paradise
Colin McRae Dirt 2
Codemasters Dirt2,3, Dirt Showdown,
Codemasters F1 2010, F1 2011, F1 2012, F1 2013
Copa Petrobras de Marcas
DTM Racing Experience Demo
FlatOut 2
Game Stock Car
Codemasters GRID, GRID 2
GRID Autosport
GT Legends
GTR2 - GT Racing Game
Life For Speed
Need For Speed Series
• Most Wanted (2005)
• Shift (2009)
• Shift 2: Unleashed (2011)
• Most Wanted (2012)
• Speed Rivals (2013)
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Nitro Stunt Racing
Project CARS
Race ’07 (Crowne Plaza, The Formula RaceRoom Addon, GT Power, GTR Evolution, RACE Injection, RACE On, Retro Pack, STCC – The Game, STCC – The Game2, WTCC 2010 Pack )
Richard Burns Rally - RSRBR
Raceroom Racing Experience
RaceRoom The Game 2
rFactor 2
The Crew
TrackMania Nation Forever
Volvo – The Game
World Racing Series
WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship
X Motor Racing

Truck Racing Simulations

Formula Truck 2013

Motor Bike Racing Simulations

GP Bikes

Kart Racing Simulations

KartRacing Pro

Driving Simulations

Euro Truck Simulator 2
OMSI – The Bus Simulator
OMSI2 – The Bus Simulator
City Car Driving

Flight Simulations

Condor The Competition Soaring Simulator
Digital Combat Simulator
Falcon 4.0 BMS
IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D®
Silent Wings
Wings of Prey

Space Simulations


Roller Coaster Simulations

No Limits Rollercoaster Simulation

and many more in the coming months.

You can change the settings to have more or less feel.

Power Requirements
Standard household power 110-240V - Power consumption 150Watts

Space Requirements
 Dimensions: Length 1.20m (46")  Width 47cm (18")  Height 1m06 (41")   Width near actuators (99cm - 39")

Lifetime Actuators

We use industrial actuators and the lifetime is 26000 Hours. If you play 3 hours per days, you will need 24 years in order to join the lifetime of the actuators!

No maintenance required.


In the rare event you experience an issue our standard 2 Year Limited Warranty protects your investment. Simply contact our dedicated customer support team to request a return authorization number.

  • Weight 240

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